On January 2014, we initiated the activity in our feedlots pens for animals in the last cycle, with the aim to provide quality products for various markets and to focus our farm on the beef from Angus and its crossbreeds breeding.
Ours pens currently have the capacity to receive 1,000 heads of cattle, in a maximum cycle of 100 days.

All animals in CDG are 100% tracked and the property is audited by ORZARP (Animal husbandry registry of Paraguayan Rural Association) and by SITRAP (Traceability System of Paraguay), obtaining the ISO 9001 certification.

Our establishment is authorized for Chilean markets (Certificate of Senacsa 0196/2015), European Community (Certificate of Senacsa 0009/2016) and domestic consumption.

On May 2015, we started working with Frigorífico JBS delivering mostly heifers loads, having been the providers of the first certified beef load for Chile.

Today, our beef production reaches domestic consumption and foreign markets being a proven high-quality product.

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